About Us

Whisk Takers is a baking kit service that supplies step-by-step recipe cards & pre-measured ingredients, designed to make the baking experience fun, easy and mess-less, with the convenience of being delivered straight to your door! From the S’mores Brownies to our best-selling Grandpa’s Pistachio Cake, Whisk Takers has a variety of options for any dessert lover out there. 

The process is a piece of cake: you can either choose to subscribe and get a new baking kit delivered to your door each month, or you can order a la carte as you get that sweet tooth!

Whisk Takers was born out of a simple desire - our founders wanted to bake at home with friends and family, but found that grocery shopping and recipe searching was time consuming and expensive. And on top of that, the left over products would waste away in the back of the cabinet for months after. Insert Whisk Takers, where the hard work is already done, leaving you with a seamless baking experience to enjoy with your loved ones!

Our Inspiration...

Dom DeFalco is a young entrepreneur and a former touring comedian who has charmed audiences up and down the west coast. Through all of the changes in his life, the one constant has been his love of food. No matter where he is, the kitchen has always felt like home, and sharing his grandparents’ recipes has made everyone else feel at home too.      

Now, we know not everyone grew up with Dom’s grandparents in the kitchen, but that shouldn’t stop you from baking. Whisk Takers will help you fake it, til’ you bake it - we’ll do the preparing, you do the sharing!  

At the end of the day, we hope that Whisk Takers will bring you and your family and friends the same joy it brings us, with a little taste of home for all.

A Little More...

Does just the thought of the kitchen keep you out of the kitchen? Are you sick and tired of showing up to work events or family parties with day-old baked goods from your local grocery store, while Karen from HR is being given the raise you deserve and quite possibly the affection you deserve from your parents? Why was she even at the family reunion? Do babies named Karen even exist or do they just appear one day with three kids and want to speak to the manager?

To be honest, we can't help you with a majority of these problems, but we can help you take a whisk. Here at Whisk Takers, we have one goal: to keep baking simple. We're the "How To" baking guide for gourmet dummies. When we're finished with you, no one will be talking about Karen's daughter that's going to Yale or her father who can still run an 8-minute mile. Yeah Karen, like I could even run a mile... they'll be talking about you instead!

Will tomorrow be a better day? We have no idea! But ask yourself, has the aroma of delicious baked goods emanating from your kitchen ever made your day worse? They say give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime. Well, we say, fish sucks!

Let us teach you a more practical skill than fishing (...I bet Karen's husband fishes). With our help, you can take the stress out of the kitchen and put it in the oven. After all, the biggest whisk you can take is not taking a whisk at all!

Meet Our Team

Dom DeFalco

CEO - Head Baker

Jon Vitale




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